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Just The Facts: The MAGA Teens.

Liberty Report looks at the facts in the case of the MAGA teens in DC without the exposition.  

By: John Crump

Claim: Nathan Philipps was a Vietnam Veteran and war hero.

False: Philipps was a Marine reservist who never the United States. Philipps did go AWOL 3 times while stationed in California.


Claim: Nathan Philipps was a “Recon Ranger”.

False: Philipps was a refrigerator repairman.


Claim: The MAGA teens were hurling racial slurs towards a group of African American men trying to preach the bible.

False: The Black Israelites called the kids crackers, incest babies, faggots, and told the black kid in the group that the white kids were going to harvest his organs.


Claim: The Kids surrounded the Black Israelites and were ready to tear them apart.

False: The video clearly shows that the kids never surrounded anyone.


Claim: Nathan Philipps was trying to walk up the steps when a teen stepped in front of him to block his path.

False: Once again the video clearly shows Philipps walking up to the teen and getting inches from his face while beating a drum.


Claim: Nathan Philipps was just trying to “defuse” the situation.

False: This is harder to debunk, but we can look to a member of Philipps’ party telling the kids to go back to Europe.


Claim: The kids went away to bring back 200 kids to surround the Native American protestors.

False: That was the meeting point for the school buses.


Claim: The kids chanted “build the wall.”

False: Throughout the two-hour video only the Black Israelites ever talked about the wall.


Claim: The kids were threatening towards Nathan Philipps.

False: There was never any signs of aggression.


Claim: Nathan Philipps was just there for the Indigenous People’s March.

False: While Philipps might have been there for the Indigenous People’s March he was also there to protest the March For Life. This can be seen in his actions at trying to disrupt a Vigil Mass at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

For Catholics, the Sabbath starts Saturday night with the first Mass shortly after 5:00 PM. Philipps and his group tried to enter the Basilica causing security to lock the doors.



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