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JE Machine Tec SOPMOD Stock

Many gun lovers in the country always love the fact that they can obtain specific parts for their rifles that can mimic that of a Special Forces rifle. When these individuals hear that they are able to obtain rifle parts, they jump at the opportunity. I got to admit I somewhat count myself in this group if something catches my interest.  I was recently able to obtain a SOPMOD style stock for my Colt rifle, given to us by TacPack.

When it comes to this SOPMOD stock there are things that I about it that have caught my attention that require my thoughts. First things first, the stock is adjustable. This is great for those of you that live in free states. For me sadly, I have to take the stock, adjust it to whatever feels comfortable for me and have it permanently pinned in that position. Before it was permanently pinned, I had the chance to go through adjusting the stock at different lengths. Adjusting the stock is simple and easy, makes it convenient for anyone who is looking to find what stock length suits them best.

Next, what had caught my attention in on the stock is the compartments that are located on the inside portion of the stock closet to the front of the stock. These are watertight compartments that make it easy for the individuals to stash items that would be beneficial to them such as spare batteries. For me, I find this extremely useful as I know many other individuals that would be using this stock would agree. Spare battery storage is something that I would want somewhere easily accessible, and for them to be able to be stored within an area that would protect them from the elements make it a no brainer that this is definitely a positive feature for those who are looking for a stock with more capabilities other than its normal function.

If anyone has seen my recent photos of the rifles that I use, all my stocks tend to have a good bit of cushion on the end of them. I prefer something that can help absorb the recoil pretty well. So when it came to this stock I noticed that it didn’t really have that extra padding that I really like so when it went to the range I knew that this was something that I would have to get used to and it wasn’t going to be after just firing a few rounds out of a magazine. So over a period of time that I used in order to get fully adjusted to the stock, I still noticed that I was out of my comfort zone. The stock did perform well on the range, after a few magazines, I noticed that when it came to performance it did keep up in that category as far as stocks go.

My final thoughts on the stock would be pretty much what someone would expect from a stock based off of what Special Forces Units utilize. The idea of it is pretty intoxicating for those who love to base their rifles of SF models. The watertight compartments are something that I find extremely useful that I wish could be utilized in different brand stocks that I have attached to my other rifles. Overall, it is a great stock, in my opinion, it is not particularly something that I would be using on all of my rifles due to my lack of comfort which is ok. I don’t blame the company for that it’s more of a personal preference when it comes to this matter.



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