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Installation process of Timney Triggers

I will be reviewing the install process, and the initial practice shot of a new trigger, made in the USA, by Timeny trigger. This custom trigger has a softer pull weight of 2.5 pounds made for my Remington Model 700 .270 caliber. In the following photographs you will see the instillation progress and the trigger specs at install.
The good thing about this trigger is it’s assembled with the safety so it’s a matter of removing the factory stock, original trigger, and you pop it in ready to go. The Timney trigger is wider than the factory stock trigger so you will have to grind down the trigger guard on the factory stock to make it fit or else the bolt release button will get stuck. Timney Triggers does advise of this needed modification in their installation instructions.
The trigger itself is slick,soft, and easy, compared to the factory stock trigger, which in fact, most were recalled. This Timney trigger you do not have to squeeze like the stock trigger but aim and gently pull the trigger to fire. The importance in a soft trigger could literally be hit or miss. If you are having a harder pull on the trigger in a split second you can have more of a accidental pull to the side. That paper thin movement you didn’t notice could have been caused by having to pull the trigger back more.
The Timney trigger measures at 48.2mm where as the stock trigger measures in at 45.67mm. I was measuring the thickest part of the trigger. This is where filing down the trigger guard on the factory stock comes in play. I tested this Timney trigger out without grinding down my factory stock and it fired fine but removing the bolt was tricky, I had to use needle nose pliers to push in the bolt release button and would have to take the stock off in order to lock the bolt back in place. The wider Timney trigger may seem like a hassle having to grind the factory stock down to make it fit properly, but having a wider trigger means more finger pad is able to be flat and firm on the trigger for more of a rear movement pull verses the factories stock trigger.
If you play with both triggers you can tell that not only is the factory stock trigger stiffer, but, it is not as wide as the Timney trigger which, with it being a stiff trigger it can make you want to pull the trigger back harder on the factory stock trigger and that can cause a rear/side pull motion, from not having as much finger pad on the trigger and having a trigger that you have to pull back hard. The factory stock trigger could possibly cause you to miss your target due to the stiffness and the lack of finger pad on the trigger. I would recommend the Timney trigger as a replacement trigger for any gun of choice. Just remember to read the directions before installing as it can help guide the process along and make the installation smoother.
Triggers can be found here.
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