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Condition 1 Cases The Better Option

When it comes to choosing a case to protect your gear I simply cannot recommend a better option than a Condition 1 case. The overall bang for your buck is rather amazing to say the least. Customers want to make a solid investment to protect their other investments but they do not want to pay and arm and a leg to do so. After examining the differences between my Condition 1 case to my Pelican case you really can not find a major difference to justify the price difference.

                I have put this Condition 1 case through all the hell you could expect that would occur in day to day life. This one in particular is a pretty good sized case it’s the model #300 that sits at 22 inches tall by 14 inches across and a depth of 9 inches. So, an average size SBR can fit easily broken down as a size reference. However, for an additional cost I picked up a custom foam insert that will store up to 7 pistols and magazines as well. I wanted to make this a range box for my pistols for easier range days.

                This case can seriously take a beating and keep going and coming back for more. We just so happened to get some snow for a few days here in Virginia followed by a cold snap that lasted a few days. So, I took advantage to see what the case could handle, I spray it down with some water and let it freeze overnight thinking it would make the polymer material brittle. Upon seeing how thoroughly frozen it was in the morning I proceeded to tie it to the back of my ATV and go for a ride. Include going up to 45 MPH across different surfaces and I even went for a few donuts in the snow well it happened…. A loud smack sound against a tree. Immediately after hearing it I slow down thinking the worst, I put my ATV in neutral and turned it off thinking I had certainly destroyed the case.

              In probably one of the loudest sighs of reliefs I had probably ever let out the case was intact and functioning fine. It did have a tad bit of scratches but the majority of them did not do anything more than scuff the case up. But I was rather exciting to see it took that hit like a champ! I started thinking to myself surely it cannot take any more abuse. So, I went and put it underwater when the snow run off pooled up, I have a rather large area of water, so I drove my ATV in the middle of it and placed 4 cinder blocks on it to keep it submerged (water was roughly 36 inches deep). I left it there for about 20 minutes or so before yanking on the 550 cord I had attached to the handle happy to report the case had no leaks whatsoever.

                If you are not into paying the extra coin for the custom foam, don’t worry because it comes with an ample amount of foam you can pluck out to customize it yourself. Honestly, I believe the case #300 is the best case of all for the money the oversized wheels make it a great travel option as it is airline safe and fits in a carry-on category. It is essentially a one case to do it all type case for me and it was priced correctly at just over $200. If you are in the market for a case of this size, I would highly recommend check out a Condition 1! Give them a look here.

Roger Frame

Roger Frame

Co-Founder Roger is a retired 100% disabled army veteran that is an avid 2nd amendment supporter. He enjoys long range shooting, pistol shooting, and the AR/AK platforms. He also enjoys collecting guns and doing firearm/gear related reviews. Always looking to obtain more knowledge in the firearms industry and have a good time doing it. He keeps his opinion non-biased and as accurate as possible. With a solid arsenal available for reviews and a private range he can evaluate items rather quickly.

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