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CCW in a “Gun Free Workspace”

They slipped through the rear door with precision, and utmost confidence. Upon entry they extended their collapsible batons and split the room. The two employees in the kitchen had no time to react. They now found themselves being herded to the front of the store and forced to the ground. Steel Batons swinging inches from their heads.
My Crew. My Team. Gathered like cattle in the corner of the room while these perpetrators ransacked their cash drawers. It happened in an instant, and the video footage was terrifying.

I received the call at 4am. “Boss, we’ve been robbed!”

That is the moment that completely changed the way I look at company policies on concealed carry, forever.

Whose to decide for me, whether or not I get to go home to my Wife and 3 kids? My job? The guy with the weapon? I’m not a rebel, or an extremist, I’m just a regular guy. A guy who holds a responsibility to my family to return home safe, every day.  I do not advocate breaking your company policies or risking your termination. At some point you just have to ask yourself what is most important. For me the answer was clear.

I’m a restaurant manager for company that won’t be named, I spend 60 hrs a week at a place that serves countless types of individuals. With over 20 employees that work alongside me. None of them can know I have a pistol.

So, I carry IWB. Simple right?

Fast forward 1 month, after I made the decision to carry. I’m serving some of Arizona’s finest local law enforcement officers, when one pointed at my hip and hollered, “What in the HELL do you need THAT for!?”

I froze, assessed the question, and realized who had called me out. I simply said. “Sir, you of all people should know. I spoke to you a month ago, at about 4 in the morning.”
That occurrence haunts me to this day. No one wants to be outed. Announced. It defeats the purpose of concealment. What did he see. How did he know?

To understand that you need to know my attire. On a daily grind, I wear a business appropriate, button down long sleeve shirt. Neatly tucked into my dress slacks, secured with an inconspicuous steel shanked, leather belt.

So, what did he see?  CLIPS.  You know the ones. Anyone who has ever carried a pistol knows the type. So, my system was flawed. My element of surprise; Diminished.

There is a solution, in the form of belly band holster. There are many out there, and if properly used can accommodate deep concealment well.

My setup isn’t sophisticated but on a daily basis I can conceal a Canik tp9sf, with an extra mag. Accompanied with a petite Bushnell flashlight, and a backup spring assisted folding knife. For 4 years this has worked for me, in different variations.

The point is, there is a solution out there. If you decide it’s worth it, to be ready for the unknown. Regardless of what some guy in an office high rise decides. Your life is YOURS to protect


Guest Writer:  William Gradeless 

William Gradeless is an avid outdoorsman. He resides in a small town in Arizona, here he frequents his favorite desert shooting range. He is an Air Force Veteran of 4 years and has recently taken an interest in local 3 gun competitions and competitors.

Guest Writer

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