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Bac-Off: Alternative Snuff for a Healthier Future

I have seen a lot of things that are used when it comes to overcoming tobacco addiction. Individuals all over the country try different things that either pass or fail. I have had the chance to go over a Snuff Alternative that I believe is truly paving the away for individuals that are trying to quit. We have seen me do a couple of articles already that brought to light this company a bit, but in this one, I will be bringing everything in full circle and truly going over everything that this company has to offer.

How Does it Taste?

When it comes to the taste of Bac-Off, I would have to say that taste varies big time when it comes to the individual products. Each product’s distinct flavor is something that the consumer should definitely take into account when it comes to trying these products. Some of the products are a bit light on the flavoring, (which is easily fixed by adding just a little more, ex: a second pouch.) 

Does the flavoring remind you of the real thing?

The flavoring definitely reminds me of the real thing on some of the products that they make. The Wintergreen is extremely spot on when it comes to the real deal. Also, when it comes to the Mint, Apple and even the Original flavoring it feels like I am dipping on one of the tobacco brands that we are used to.

Ok, but do it look like the real deal and can you pack it like actual snuff?

The one thing that I have definitely found to be a positive characteristic of Bac-Off is that it looks like the real deal. Now when it comes to the ingredients of the snuff alternative, we see that it comprised of tea leaves and coffee grinds. Compared to the actual tobacco that we see in the real stuff, you would think that the characteristics would be less comparable, but I was shocked to find that I was looking at something that was a spitting image of the real deal.

What’s with the Energized Flavoring?

When it comes to the Energized Flavoring, I would have to say that this is something that I will be using when it comes to a long day in college. Being infused with caffeine and B Vitamins, I could definitely use this energy boost throughout a long day with my head in the books. I have brought this with me to school and used it all up within the week. I had no complaints other than not having more on me for the rest of the semester, even if it was just a small pick me up.

What cut did you like the most or did you like the pouches?

When it came to the different cuts and the pouches, I would have to say that it varies just like it varied with the flavorings. With the Smooth Peach, the only way it came in was the pouches and I absolutely was a fan of that. The Mint came in a long cut, and I was more partial to the Long Cut than I was anything else.

Overall thoughts about Bac-Off?
When it comes to my final thoughts and opinions for the company I would have to say that they are outstanding. To be able to make a product that has the potential to save lives is something that I find extremely valuable from a humanistic perspective. The flavorings tasted spot on with most of the products and that was enough for me. I believe that it can be used to definitely fight the tobacco dependency epidemic if individuals are looking for a way out. I do recommend these to other people looking to make changes in their life for a healthier future.

Nicholas Torres

Nicholas Torres

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