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Bac-Off: A Smooth Peach?

We are back again with another product from Bac-Off Alternative Snuff. This time it is a pouch-style snuff alternative with the flavoring known as Smooth Peach. I have put this flavor to use a lot over the time that I have had it, and over the course of this review, I will be going over the pros and the cons of what I have noticed about this product from Bac-Off. The first thing that I would like to go over is the packaging of the pouches. When it comes to the packaging, I have noticed that it comes in a sealed tin just like the others from the company. The packaging makes it easy for us to store it away in a pocket or back-pack very easily. I was able to put it in the pouch on the back of my helmet and also I was able to easily put it in a pouch in the plate carrier that I use when I go to the range and train on a closed indoor course. 

The next thing I would like to go over is the pouches that the alternative snuff is in. The pouches make it easy for you to use whenever you get the craving. You just open the tin and just take one out, putting it in between your lip and gum. Now when it comes to the pouches there is something that I believe I should extend off of in this section and that is the flavoring of the pouches. I had noticed that when it comes to the flavoring of one pouch alone, it does have a very mild flavoring to it. This was something that I have found to be troublesome only because I am a fan of peach flavoring and I prefer something just a little bit stronger. This was an easy fix though, in order to get a bit stronger flavoring all you had to do was put in a second pouch. For me, this was enough to get the flavoring that I needed out of the pouches.

I had noticed that when it comes to the pouches flavoring as well when compared to another flavor that I will be going over in another review (Apple), you couldn’t taste the salt like you could when it came to the Apple. I believe that this is something that Bac-Off made a good choice in terms of salt content. I think that if the Peach was saltier like the Apple Pouches, the user of the pouches would definitely lose interest in the Peach.

Just like the previous review that I have done when it came to the Mocha Flavor, I want to go over the ingredients of this product. The fact that the main components of the product are tea leaves and coffee grinds are extremely important to me. There is nothing in this product that I have read up on that would lead to concern which leaves me with a sigh of relief. So when it comes to my final thoughts of the product, I would say it is something that definitely needs to be noticed more to those who still find themselves in the world of actual snuff, who find themselves wanting to quit. Aside from the mild flavoring, which was easily fixed, I believe Bac-Off has created a product in terms of alternative snuff that will help lead individuals out of the deadly habits they have been stuck in.

Nicholas Torres

Nicholas Torres

Nick is a Marine Veteran and an avid shooter. Nick works constantly in order to preserve the Second Amendment along with everything else that the Constitution provides to the American people. His preference is the AR-style platform, but he won't hesitate to pick up any type of firearm and put it through its paces at the range.

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