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Antila “2 Point” Rifle Sling

Slings are something that I find completely important when it comes to my rifle. If I don’t have the proper sling that can hold up to my standards then I am going to have a bad time. I have a tendency to breaking a lot of things. So when it comes to my sling that is something that I can’t afford to have happened to me. So when I had the chance in order to get a new sling to test, I jumped at the opportunity to put it to the test.

The sling that I have had the chance to review is a 2-point sling from Antila Rifle Slings. When it comes to this I wanna be able to bring to light a few different characteristics that this company’s product has to offer to its user. The first thing I want to go over is the “Enlarged Steel Clips,” at the end of each side of the sling. I use QD sling mounts on my rifle, which work well with the clips. The clips fit the mounts perfectly without any problems attaching them. Something else that I find beneficial when it comes to the clips is that there is a protective sleeve that covers the clips protecting them from catching on external surfaces that could potentially break them.

The rest of the sling’s characteristics that I have gone over are worth noting as well. First, is the bungee system that is incorporated into either side of the sling. Antila explains that this is to reduce impact. I have noticed that aside from the given detailed description of the bungee system, transitioning from rifle to pistol goes a little smoother due to the momentum of the rifle and the ability of the sling to absorb the momentum moving it to the side more keeping it out of the way. The sling does feature steel parts aside from the clips that I find useful. This way they are able to last longer and can be abused without worrying about it breaking. Also, I have found that the sling does come with a pad that is attached to it in order to protect yourself from irritation of the sling and to add a level of comfort.

Overall, when it comes to my final thoughts of the sling that is produced from Antila I would have to give it pretty good marks. It is easy to set up for anyone who is looking to add a new sling to their rifle. The sling is strong and the parts that are added to it are strong as well. This gives me a full range on being able to beat it up without having to worry about it breaking. I would have to say to anyone looking for a new sling at a reasonable price, I would say to look into this company for your next purchase.

Nicholas Torres

Nicholas Torres

Nick is a Marine Veteran and an avid shooter. Nick works constantly in order to preserve the Second Amendment along with everything else that the Constitution provides to the American people. His preference is the AR-style platform, but he won't hesitate to pick up any type of firearm and put it through its paces at the range.

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